New Studio Procedures

We know this is a very much adjusted normal than what we are used to, but truly think this will be the safest and best way to open during this time and get these poor kids back to dancing and doing what they love with the people they love. We know the students absolutely adore each other and love the staff, so we ask that you remind them to not hug on each other and take these safety guidelines seriously. We have many families in different situations at home and want to make sure we are respecting everyone’s concerns and being safe for any dancer that may have high risk family members living with them. We don’t want to put anyone in danger so we ask that every dancer respectfully does their absolute best to abide by these guidelines. We will also still keep all classes on zoom for the remainder of the year in case families don’t feel comfortable sending their children in yet. Below are the new protocols we will be adhering by and we will let you know anything else that gets updated/modified/or changed.

1. Drop offs will happen at each individual outside door where your first class takes place and pickup will be at the outside door where your child finishes their last class.     We will label each door outside to ensure proper drop off/pickup. We ask that you please make sure students are dropped off right on time for class or just a few minutes early. It will be extremely hard for teachers to check temperatures and get kids in the class if they show up late.

2. No parents will be allowed in the studio at this time. This will help decrease the amount of people in the building and allow us to break up any clusters of people. You all are welcome to hangout and catch up in the parking lot though if you are wanting to wait while your kiddos are taking class.

3. Temperatures will be checked and recorded at every door before students enter the space. Anyone with a 100.4 or above will be sent home.

4. Masks will be worn by teachers and are optional to wear for any students.

5. Chairs will be placed in studios spread apart by the doors for students to put belongings and sit for any idle time. These chairs will be deep cleaned in between classes.

6. Students will need to bring in only exact shoes they need for the day and only a water bottle. If you can put your students shoes for the day in a smaller bag that would be ideal!

7. Students will receive hand sanitizer as soon as they enter the space and will be given some after each class. There also will be bottles in each room for students to use if they feel they need to.

8. Bathrooms will be monitored to ensure that they’re being cleaned after being used and we will have extra helpers around the studio each night to assist with cleaning after every class/cleaning the bathrooms/assisting with any zoom complications/assisting with drop off and pick up.

7.There will be no food allowed at the studio. If your dancer has a break and needs to eat then we ask that you pick them up to feed them and return them back to the studio for their next class when they are done.

8. Studios will be cleaned in-between each class by teachers and extra staff we have hired. This will mean that classes will need to end five minutes early so we can get students picked up safely, switch rooms if they need to safely, and teachers can ensure everything is sanitized.

9. Staff will make sure that students are staying spread apart/not hugging or hanging on each other/and abiding by all the new safety protocols.

If you have any speculation that your dancer may have a fever or be sick, please do not send them to the studio and keep them at home until you are certain that they are in the clear. We have had to be closed for so long, so the last thing we want it so have to close down again! We appreciate you all so much for hanging in there with us and supporting us through this incredibly difficult time. We are beyond thrilled to open our doors once again and see all the kids smiling faces in person!!! Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns and we will be happy to answer them!

We love and miss you all tons are excited for the week ahead!

Thank You,
Amy Feril
Eminence Dance Complex Owner