Miss Amy

Miss Amy Feril

Amy Feril grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina and has been dancing since the age of 2. She attended Miller Street Dance Academy (MSDA) for sixteen years where she competed until graduating. MSDA is where she found her unending love for dance, and she is forever grateful to her dance teachers, Michelle Soutier and Alyson Wright! During her competition years, she obtained the title of Miss Dance of North Carolina and was a Top finalist at Miss Dance of America.
Amy decided to continue her dance education by attending Oklahoma City University (OCU) as a Dance Performance major. As a member of the American Spirit Dance Company at OCU, she performed in numerous shows with lead roles there and with established choreographers. She was also on the prestigious Pep Dancers of Oklahoma City University. During her senior year, she was able to choreograph each week and lead the team as the director.

Amy has performed with Larrwell Productions at the Mary Kay and Sally Beauty Supply National Seminars, where she had the honor of being the dance and vocal captain. Fun fact: here is where she met Harry Feril, and they were dance partners for the summer! She also has performed in Frontier City’s “Fright Fest” as well as in David Thomas’s “Magic of the Night” Show.
Amy graduated with a Bachelors of Performing Arts in Dance Performance from OCU and then made the big move to Texas when she became a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader (DCC). She was on the team for five seasons and was a leader for three years with her final year as Group 1 leader. While on the team, she was a member of Show Group and able to perform all around the nation and for artists such as: Queen, Luke Bryan, Meghan Trainor, Aerosmith, Gwen Stefani, Ellie Goulding, Thomas Rhett, and many more. She also was selected to lead the DCC Youth Academies and loved being able to merge her passion for dance and teaching together. Her final year on the team she was given one of the prestigious positions as point of the famed triangle and was selected by the organization and her teammates to be the DCC representative to attend the Pro Bowl in Orlando, Florida. She throughly enjoyed the honor of getting to represent America’s Team and it is one of her fondest memories. She can be seen on CMT’s “Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Making the Team” seasons 10-15. After retiring from the team she was selected as a DCC All-Star and loves being able to still perform with the organization and wear the iconic uniform.

Amy’s biggest pride and joy in life; however, is her dance studio, Eminence Dance Complex, that she owns alongside her incredible husband, Harry. It is here that she is now able to spread her passion for dance to the next generation and loves every second of teaching. Her best advice is to simply go confidently in the direction of your aspirations and constantly push yourself to live the life and be the person you always dreamed of. Give 100% in all that you do and let God take care of the rest! Amy and Harry fully believe in building a studio full of well rounded students who grow up to conquer their goals. However, more importantly they want their students to do everything with EXCELLENCE and perseverance, show DEDICATION in all that they set their mind to, and live a life portraying great CHARACTER with the fundamentals they learn at the studio.
As owners of EDC, Amy and Harry hope to not only create amazing dancers but amazing people. Amy and and Harry pray that each student feels at home when he or she enters Eminence Dance Complex, and as he or she becomes a part of the EDC Family.