Class Descriptions

Ballet- Students will be placed in a level 1-7 at the beginning of the year. In each level they will learn the fundamentals of ballet, perfect their technique, and work on the French terminology of the classical art form.

Choreography/Improv Students will learn how to create their own movement through improvisation and other creative movement exercises. Students will be able to create, perform, and teach their choreography. This class is perfect for the dancer who wants to teach and choreograph in the future. (Intermediate/Advanced dancers only)

Combo Classes– (45 minute classes, Ages 2.5-6.5) Children will learn the fundamentals of tap and ballet in these classes. They will acquire classroom etiquette, learn creative movement, and gain musicality and basic technique.

Company Classes titled “Company” are designed for the dancer who wants to compete at a higher level, train as a member on our Company Team, and prepare for the 2016-2017 Competition Season. (Please note: Only Company dancers can sign up for these classes).

Conditioning- Students will learn what it takes to dig deep and push themselves further than they have before in a workout. This class is designed to use team building skills to push the class, along with the student I their personal physical health developing muscles and core strength needed when dancing.

Contemporary/Lyrical – Lyrical dance is a combination of ballet & jazz dance techniques that uses theatrical movement to interpret music and express emotion. Contemporary dance is a style dance that combines elements of several dance genres including modern, jazz, lyrical & ballet.

Drill Team Prep– Students will prepare for Drill Team Auditions while gaining technique, skill, and motivation from past and current DCC/experts, choreographers, and judges for Drill Teams in the area.

Hip Hop– This class will be to upbeat popular clean music. Students will learn various styles including a mix of breaking; popping, locking, and other stylized jazz funk moves.

Jazz- Students will be trained in both technique and honing their skills while learning the true form of jazz. Dancers will perform to a variety of music including Pop, Broadway, and even Instrumental.

Leaps and Turns– Students here will learn the technique behind acquiring the skills needed to accomplish leaps and turns used in the dance world today.

Men’s Class- Male students will learn the core leaps and turns they will be using in grande allegro variations. They will also be pushed outside their comfort zone with multiple types of push-ups, and core strengthening exercises. The focus of the class is to teach young men how to be lead males in the world of dance.

Modern-Students will learn how to use free and expressive theatrical movement, which is not restricted by the classical form of ballet. Modern is take with bare feet and is usually know for being the opposite of ballet with parallel technique rather than turned out.

Musical Theater/Voice– Students will dance to current and classic songs from Broadway and other musicals. They will not only learn about Broadway, but what it takes to perform at a 100% level, let loose, and become a whole new character each week. They will also learn and practice singing the Broadway tunes they are dancing to, when the class is  designated with a voice title.

Partnering- Students will be given a partner that they will grow with every week. They will begin with weight sharing, along with correct male/female body placement when partnering. Partners will then learn choreography from prolific ballets to use the skills they have gained.

Pointe/Pre-Pointe Students will learn how to safely execute steps on the boxes of their pointe shoes. While also developing their ballet technique throughout the class to help them properly accomplish the steps.

*Dancers will be recommended into pointe classes by teachers and will be required to take at least one ballet class (two suggested) during the week, with one being directly before the pointe class.

Tap -Students will be trained in the art of tap dancing, which is the movement of the metal taps under the shoe hitting the floor and creating various rhythms and sounds. Students will gain musicality, sense of rhythm, and technique all revolved around tapping.

Tumbling- Students will learn the fundamentals in acrobatics and strengthening skills. These fundamentals will propel students from accomplishing a simple forward roll to the difficulty of a back flip.