Boys At EDC

Boys at EDC 

We have a very strong Male program at EDC. Every class is co-ed and boys are more than welcome to join any class they are interested in. The only classes that are strictly for boys are the all boys hip hop class and the men’s class. Not only do we pride ourselves on having many male students, but we also are thankful to have a male owner and teacher.

Mr. Harry is at the studio not only to teach the students but also to become a mentor to every boy student who walks through the doors. Dance taught by a male instructor helps the young men understand how to dance with masculinity and have respect towards others. We have had over 100 boys come through our studio doors to dance and we are thrilled to see our male program grow year by year at EDC and see bright futures ahead for every boy at Eminence Dance Complex.

Please never hesitate to ask any specific questions regarding male students! We fully believe in the phrase BOYS DANCE TOO and want to make sure every male student here feels 100% comfortable and at home. We love that boys feel safe dancing at EDC and want to remind them that they can do anything they set their mind to!