Our Mission

Eminence is defined as a person with importance and influential qualities as well as recognized superiority.

This is exactly what we strive for at Eminence Dance Complex. Our mission is simply to be a studio of excellence. This is translated in our dancers, instructors, and families. We not only aim to create strong technical dancers, but beautiful, team leaders who are humble, captivating, and well rounded entertainers. We push our dancers to achieve eminence and expect this in our instructors as well. Our team is there to push your dancer to the next level by offering classes from a diverse and prestigious staff teaching classes to ages 2-Adult in all levels and styles. By being a part of our team you can expect not only greatness, but a family full of genuine and sincere people willing and ready to change lives. We want your dancer to find not only their passion for dance at Eminence Dance Complex but acquire life skills to evolve them into beautiful dancers in and outside of the dance room.

We look forward to watching your dancer grow at our studio of

Our Facility

  • High Ceilings
  • Large Studios
  • Lots of Parking
  • Large Comfortable Lobby