Tuition: Eminence Dance Complex uses a sliding scale to calculate tuition rates. Add up the amount of time per week of classes, then slide over and find the rate of tuition per month.

We are excited to share our 2023-2024 tuition rates!

Hours / Week
$ / Month
Hours / Week
$ / Month
0.5 $60.00 4.5 $238.00
0.75 $68.00 4.75 $249.50
1.0 $76.00 5.0 $261.00
1.25 $89.50 5.25 $272.50
1.5 $103.00 5.5 $284.00
1.75 $116.50 5.75 $295.50
2.0 $130.00 6.0 $307.00
2.25 $139.75 6.25 $318.50
2.5 $149.50 6.5 $330.00
2.75 $159.25 6.75 $341.50
3.0 $169.00 7.0 $353.00
3.25 $180.50 7.25 $364.50
3.5 $192.00 7.5 $376.00
3.75 $203.50 7.75 $387.50
4.0 $215.00 8.0 $400.00
4.25 $226.50 Family Max (2 kids) $500.00


Tuition is due by the 1st of each month, no later than the 5th. ALL accounts must have a
card on file that will be auto drafted between the 1st and the 5th of the month. If you want to
pay prior to the 1st it can be paid via cash, credit card, check or online through our Studio Director Software.
After the 6th of the month, a $35 late fee will be charged and enforced on all accounts past due. Late
notices will be sent via email. Checks can be made out to: Eminence Dance Complex or EDC. Tuition is not
pro-rated for absences. Dancers are encouraged to attend makeup classes for classes missed within the
month their class was missed.
* If two students in a family exceed the maximum and are over $500, the third student will then start over
as a separate student, and their funds will be added to the $500 max.

Additional Fees

Type of Fee        Dollar / Amount                    Date Due

Registration        $75.00/$150.00 family max          Time of registration

                            $50 for existing students

  • The registration fee is due at registration time. Family max applies to siblings only
  • The paid registration fee will reserve the dancers spot in the classes selected.
  • All forms must be signed and returned to the office before the dancer begins their classes.


  • $1 a minute- fee starts (15 minutes past closing)

Costumes $100 per costume

  • Costume fee is due by February 15th. Costumes will be ordered for all dancers that sign up for recital. Once the costume is ordered there are no refunds. If the costume is ordered and the dancer decides to not participate in the recital there will still not be a refund. Costumes will include a personalized garment bag and the tights needed for their dance.

Recital Fee $85 / Family maximum: $170

  • Recital fee is non-refundable and due by March 20th.  We assume that all dancers will
    participate in the recital. If the recital fee is paid and the dancer decides to not
    participate in the recital this money is not refunded. Please notify the director in
    writing that the dancer will not be participating in the recital.

Recital Video Fee $30 per family due April 1st 

Recital Dress Rehearsal: : Thursday, May 30th & Friday, May 31st

Recital Dates: : Saturday, June 1st & Sunday, June 2nd

All rates subject to change.